February 18, 2008

Statistics at the Scottish

I wasn't at Perth for the first round of the Bruadar Scottish Men's Championship and have been following the end by end scores online, here.

It was interesting to see the shooting percentages which are also published online here. I previously posted the request for volunteers to do the stats at the event.

Can we tell anything from the first round stats? Well, Team Murdoch, at 87%, had the best average total, of any team on the ice, on their way to defeating Logan Gray. Murdoch himself was recorded at 96%, the second highest percentage of any player, behind David Smith at 98%. I think you can say that Smithy had a good game, as Warwick's team beat Scott Hamilton's side!

So who's going to have to play better? Allan Chalmers team had the poorest stats in the first round.

I look forward to seeing some curling, on the ice, tomorrow!

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