February 16, 2008

Scottish Seniors Saturday

Why is umpire jack Muir surrounded by all these women? Answer: He was trying to get organised a TEAM DRAW SHOT DISTANCE (we don't like the terminology Draw Shot Challenge as it's too easily confused with Draw Shot Distance so we prefer TDSD and Individual Draw Shot Distance - I hope you are all clear). Anyway, the problem was in the Women's Section C, where three teams were tied for second place. Short tiebreaking games were in order and the TDSD was called for to decide who plays who. Annette MacDonald's team did best, and will meet the winner of Helen Burton and Kathy Cameron to decide who progresses to the quarterfinals. Not full games, but four-end tiebreakers.

Janice Manson's team is through to tonight's quarterfinals. So too is Mary Barr's team from Section B, but this section is ongoing as I write this. All the results are here.

What of the men? Keith Prentice's team, the defending champions are also through to the semis, undefeated with a game still to play. Who will be the other three qualifiers? Looks as if it will be close.

Janice Manson has skipped her team through to the quarterfinals.

Keith Prentice and his team are through to tomorrow's semis.

David Kelly, one of the most colourful of Scotland's curlers, was the one with the red trousers!

Mary Robertson is saying to her skip, "Aw, Janice, don't remind me I've got a BIG birthday this week!" Or have you got a better caption?

Pics by Bob.

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Anonymous said...

'How many more games, how many more shots, sweeping?????......I'm almost a gran you know....'