February 09, 2008

Junior women 5th post: Last round robin games

The Eve Muirhead team of Kerry Barr, Vicki Adams and Sarah Macintyre (photo here) finished the round robin with an unblemished record and are straight to the final tomorrow. The results and linescores are here.

Anna Sloan and her team also won their seventh round tie, a closely fought match against Jennifer Dodds' side and are through to the semifinal.

The key game this morning was the Claire Hamilton - Hannah Fleming tie. Hannah needed to win to force a tiebreaker. But Claire's side was up for the challenge. Strong play saw them cash in on opposition errors in the third to count three shots. Two more were on the board in the fourth when Hannah's last draw to the button was overswept. So, Hamilton faces Sloan in a single semifinal game, scheduled for tomorrow morning (Sunday) at 10.00.

Rivals from the Lockerbie rink. Claire Hamilton and Hannah Fleming.

Claire MacDonald joins Linsey Spence and Jennifer Priestley to work Claire Hamilton's final stone of the third end in for a count of three shots.

Kisten McNay and Alice Spence work on a Hannah Fleming stone. Pics by Bob.

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