February 19, 2008

Perth 1

Right, here we are. First post from the Dewar's Centre, Perth, where the Bruadar Scottish Men's Championship and the Columba Cream Gold League are taking place this week. There will probably be at least one more today, and then frequently from Thursday (hopefully).

The results and standings can be found here. In addition this week, game stats are available and they can be linked to from the RCCC website or go directly to them here. They can also be downloaded as .pdf files.

The game of the morning was Warwick Smith against Tom Brewster. I have to say that Tom gave this one away, Warwick and his team stealing in the extra end! Long ways to go though.

Warwick Smith

Hammy McMillan, Colin Campbell, Tom Brewster, Ron Brewster

Here's another team that let a win slip away this morning. Graham Smith, Scott Hamilton and David Morton (with Duncan Gracie) had the beating of Colin Hamilton's side, but failed to convert.

Mike Dick and Colin Hamilton encourage Trevor Dodds to sweep!

Introducing Gerry Geurts from CurlingZone who is masterminding the stats efforts here at Perth.

Please allow me a wee rant. Timeclocks. What's the point of them if they don't work? Three went down last night, for different reasons apparently. There were problems at the Junior Championships. Many thought that Scott Hamilton was about to run out of time in the Hamilton v Hamilton game (above), but in fact the clocks had gone awry earlier and were only kept going to give the timekeeper some practice.

We need equipment that works! That is easy to operate. And is reliable. And also a system of timekeeping that counts thinking time, not playing time. I hear that's coming. I hope by then we'll have the equipment and personnel to do a professional job. Is anyone listening to me?


Chief said...

The time clocks are only as good as the people working them - enough said!!

Anonymous said...

"Thinking Time" = is that a Time-Out?

Yes, it is very frustrating to have clocks/timers that malfunction. It does get better, with practice and equipment. We have used clocks for over 10 years now & I have only seen 1 clock go down - 3 in a game is wierd...


Anonymous said...

Gotta say that as one of the mens teams/players whose clock started counting up, rather than down, and then failing it was distracting. Not that is any excuse for our poor play, but ... ;-)