February 08, 2008

Junior men 3rd post

Five of the seven rounds are gone in the Scottish Junior Men's Championship at Perth. And there's a lot still to be decided! One thing is (fairly) sure. Jamie Dick's team, one of the pre-event favourites and runners-up last season, is not likely to be in the mix when it comes to the finals on Sunday. This morning it was Graeme Black's team that sealed Dick's fate.

Top of the standings is Greg Drummond's team with just one loss in five games. All the results and standings can be found here. (Apologies for the mistake if you saw this post earlier - corrected at 4pm. Old age the only excuse!))

Coach Colin Morrison with L-R Steven Mitchell, Graeme Black, Thomas Sloan and Robert McBride.

Andrew Williamson calls line on Jamie Dick's last stone of the fifth round game. Andrew Noble and Colin Dick are the sweepers. Jamie needed to hide on the button to have a chance of an extra end. Didn't make it and Graeme Black had no need to play his last.

Pics by Bob. More later.


Anonymous said...

"Top of the standings is Glen Muirhead's team with just one loss in five games."

Greg Drummond's

Bob Cowan said...

Apologies. Old age is my only excuse. Now changed. Thanks for pointing out my mistake. Bob.