February 25, 2008

On the telly and on the ice

On the Box
I am looking forward to seeing the television coverage of yesterday's Scottish Championship finals. The Columba Cream Ladies' Gold League final will be broadcast tomorrow (Tuesday, February 26) at 11:20 pm, and the Bruadar Scottish Men's Championship final will air on Wednesday, February 27, also at 11.20 pm. Torchwood and Men's curling on the same night - now that's what I call a good evening's programming! Did I say it is on BBC 2 Scotland?

At the Rink
The Henderson Bishop Trophy is already underway today at the Atholl rink, Pitlochry. The recently crowned Columba Cream Champion Gail Munro is in the draw for the flagship RCCC Ladies' Branch event, a big occasion for the Pitlochry rink. The results will be found here.

The run up to the event has not been smooth for Ladies' Branch President Patricia Thomson. The defending champions, skipped by Margaret Morton, fielded an ineligible substitute in a preliminary round, an inadvertent and unfortunate mistake, and are not taking part in the finals this year. But no doubt, as in usual in this event, good fun will be enjoyed on and off the ice!

The pic of the camera at the Columba Cream final game is by Bob

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