February 27, 2008

Monster hunting and moose cuddling

You know, it really has been a hard few weeks. There was the Scottish Junior Curling Championships, then the House of Bruar Senior Championships. Then last week was a very busy one with the Bruadar Scottish Championship and Columba Cream Gold League finals. And a small matter of getting the March Scottish Curler into print. That was completed today.

So, I'm going to have a holiday. I have been promising to visit friends in Sweden for some time now, so I'm going to see them next week. They live in a lovely part of Sweden, near Lake Storsjön in Sweden's northwestern Jämtland province. That's the lake which is reputed to be the home of Storsie, Nessie's sister. You can see the likeness in the pic below.

So what is there to do in the area, apart from monster hunting? Apparently one of the activities is 'moose cuddling' (photo here). I can't wait!

Anything else? It's a big area for winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding. And the biathlon world championships were held there recently.

There is an active curling community. When I was last there in the 80s I played at the curling club in the town of Ostersund. They have an arena too. Apparently there's some sort of big curling event taking place there next week. I'll probably look in and see what's happening. Anyway, if you want to keep up with the Editor's holiday meanderings, check the blog regularly. If only to see if I can persuade anyone to come moose cuddling with me!

Top photo of Ostersund by Bengt Ola Mattsson

L-R: Glen Muirhead, Scott Macleod, Scott Andrews, Gordon McDougall, David Reid and Gordon Muirhead

L-R: Eve Muirhead, Kerry Barr, Vicki Adams, Sarah Macintyre, Kay Adams and Isobel Hannen

Team pics are by Bob. The teams fly out to Sweden today, Wednesday, indeed, as I post this, they are in the air. The World Junior Curling Championships website is here. The monster with the curling stone is called Birger, I think. Anyway I'll probably find out on Saturday.

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