February 16, 2008

Scottish Seniors Saturday update update

My head hurts! It's a five way tie for the second place in section A in the House of Bruar Scottish Senior Men's Championship! Find out how it happened here. How does that get sorted out? There was Team Draw Shot Distance for all five teams. The two who finished worst off, Graeme Govan and Iain Baxter, play a four end tiebreaker. The winner of that game will play the team with the best TDSD, Andy McGlynn, and the winner of that game will match up against the winner of the game involving the two teams who had the second and third TDSDs, ie Graeme Adam and Jim Beckett. Are you with me?

The best team to emerge from all this will face David Clydesdale tomorrow in the semifinal. Keith Prentice will play Barton Henderson (who beat Bob Kelly in a tiebreaker) in the other semi.

Meanwhile, in the women's event, Helen Burton's team came through the tiebreakers in Section C, and Isobel Waddell won through the tiebreaks in Section B. Margaret Gibb's and Kirsty Letton's side qualified as highest up third placed teams. So the lineup for the quarterfinals, which are just underway now, is:

Marion Murdoch v Margaret Gibb (Margaret Cameron's team)
Mary Barr v Helen Burton
Jeanette Johnston v Isobel Waddell
Janice Manson v Kirsty Letton

I'm going to lie down in a quiet corner! You can follow the end by end scores here on the Royal Club website, all posted by RCCC Competitions Manager Colin Hamilton (below) who has had the difficult job of making sure all the above has been carried out correctly!

Pic by Bob

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