February 07, 2008

News from England

Regular readers of Curling Today will recall that we trailed with some enthusiasm back in November the fact that the Fenton's rink in Kent was to stage the Ramada Jarvis Cashspiel. That would have been this coming weekend. We were disappointed to learn that the event has been cancelled. Not enough support apparently. That's a pity.

Happier news is that the rink hosted the English Championships successfully last weekend. Andrew Reed and Kirsty Balfour defended their titles. Details are here. These teams will represent England at the Le Gruyere European Championships in Sweden in December.

A professional photographer Gerry Walden was at the English Championships and you can see his efforts on his website www.gwpics.com by entering the word 'Fentons' in the password box.

Kirsty Balfour and Andrew Reed practising at the Euro Championships in Fussen, December 2007. Photos by Bob.

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