February 22, 2008

Tight tiebreaker

I thought it was the shot of the Championship so far. Third end of the Muirhead - Edwards tiebreaker. Fernie faced an Edwards shot behind cover. The one was straightforward. A two looked a possibility. But Fernie elected to play a hit, past a guard, and a roll to remove the hidden counter off the button, to count a big three.

The loyal fans - and those of us with nothing better to do of a Friday night - were treated to an excellent game. The linescore is here, and the shooting stats are here.

Edwards coolly drew the four foot with four lying against him to make the score four-four into the ....... eighth. Muirhead hit and stayed for one, and then the ninth was blanked. However, Edwards had a difficult hit around a perfectly played Fernie guard to take the game into an extra. It hung out, and just slipped past. Muirhead stole a single for the game.

You know, there are not many better ways of spending a Friday night than watching a great game of curling, with everything at stake. It's Muirhead though that's through to the Page 3-4 against Brewster tomorrow. This is your intrepid reporter, signing off, and heading for bed! Back tomorrow!

The pic of David Edwards acknowledging a good opposition shot is by Bob.

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