February 21, 2008

Gold League update

OK, so I'm back here at the Dewar's Centre in Perth (it's becoming a second home). The penultimate round of the Columba Cream Gold Leage has just finished. So let's take stock.

The RCCC rulebook says that ' The winner of the Gold League will play the second placed team for a place in the final. The loser shall play the third placed team for a place in the final.' That's unless one team is three clear places in front, in which case that team goes straight to the final and it's the second and third that play to find the other team in the final.

So, we have two possible scenarios. Here is the position at the moment:
Wood - 11 wins
Loudon - 9 wins
Munro - 9 wins
Milne - 8 wins

In the last leg of the double round robin:
Wood plays Reid
Loudon plays Stewart
Munro plays Howard
Milne plays Hamilton

If Wood was to win and both Loudon and Munro lose, then Kelly and her team are straight to the final. If Wood wins, and either or both of Loudon and Munro win, then there will be a 1 v 2 game to decide one finalist. And there could well be tiebreakers to see who the contestants in the repechage will be. I hope you are following this. Anyway, even if you are not, all the results will be on the RCCC website here.

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