February 20, 2008

Chicken fillets and curling at Perth!

To be quite honest, I would rather be at Perth watching the curling than here at Skip today bashing the March Scottish Curler into shape. But needs must, if it is to go to press on Tuesday. However, here are some more pics from yesterday to keep you in the mood.

Have you been following the results from the Bruadar Scottish Men's Curling Championship (here) and the Columba Cream Gold League (here)? I have.

I enjoyed this end. Fifteen stones in play. Lyndsay Wilson calls line on Gail Munro's last stone - in off the yellow, moves the red, counts three! We'll give her five points of that one!

You know, I think dentists would be good sponsors of curling. Here Warwick Smith opens wide!

Caption required for these two heads on one body, modelled by Jennifer Morrison and Barbara McFarlane.

John Hamilton incubates some curling stones.

Robbie Scott models retro headgear, and keeps warm, as a timekeeper.

"That's blown the 100% this game then." Claire MacDonald

Bill Duncan, Chairman of the Dewar's Centre Board, does a little moonlighting on the time clocks. Just can't get the staff!

"Well Moray, guess who this is?" David Edwards. Clue follows:

I like freebies. I use my Royal Club keyring, and my RCCC pencil, although sadly I've eaten all the RCCC rock I got at the Highland Show last year (see it here). So I was fascinated by this item above distributed to the Gold League participants yesterday. It seemed to be causing some amusement! It apparently reminded some of 'chicken fillets'. I had to ask. The Scottish Curler fashion correspondent explained, "Bob, chicken fillets are silicon pads which fit into bras to enhance a lady's cleavage." So there, Curling Today is nothing if not educational! And no, I'm not going to provide a link. Try Google with 'Chicken Fillet' + bra + cleavage, and see what you get!

Oh, forgot to say. The item is in fact the latest Royal Club hand warmer, or pocket warmer, complete with RCCC crest on one side and a set of curling circles on the other.

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