June 21, 2007

Royal Club rock(s)

Yes, it is a strange title, but bear with me.

Some 150,000 visitors are expected to visit the Royal Highland Show in the four days before it closes on Sunday evening. The Royal Caledonian Curling Club's headquarters are within the 100 acres of the showground. As has become traditional, the Royal Club has put up a small marquee adjacent to Cainie House to welcome any curlers visiting the show, with coffee and a friendly chat the order of the day.

Today I was welcomed by Vice-president Matt Murdoch, and hospitality provided by National Disability Curling Officer Sheila Swan, Area Development Officer Claire Milne, and other volunteers manning the stand. All very enjoyable.

Inside Cairnie House work was going on as usual, although I did note a number of well kent curlers stopping by to greet Duthie Thomson, the Royal Club Secretary from 1994 to 2004, before this post was replaced by a CEO and Board of Directors. Duthie is now the Manager of Finance and Administration for the RCCC. Last Saturday at the AGM he announced his plans to retire when his 65th birthday comes around - although having said that I gather he will stay the course until the current year's finances are all in order, by next April! Many will miss Duthie's friendly welcome when he does go.

Oh yes, the rock. A new Royal Club marketing item, being given away in the marquee, is a small piece of blue and white edible hard candy - a piece of lettered rock. It says RCCC in the middle! Connection with curling? It's in the name of course, and it only took me ten minutes before the penny dropped.

Is the Royal Club trying to sweeten us up for something? (Sorry!) Seriously, the RCCC sweeties taste so good that I have been wondering whether my local dental practice might be interested in sponsoring a curling event next season!

When I was a boy, with my stick of Blackpool rock with all the lettering running through it, I often wondered, "How did they do that?" Nowadays, a quick google on the Web and it's here.

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