June 05, 2007

RCCC Board election results

The elections for the two places on the Royal Club Board of Directors closed last Thursday. Votes have been counted. But club members are not being told the result just yet. The decision has been made to keep the results a secret until the AGM on June 16 at Glenrothes.

Why the secrecy? Why the delay? I have no idea.

Personally, I would like to know the results NOW. And I think that members, who voted via their clubs in a postal ballot, would like to know too.


Peter Malcolm said...

Can I suggest that the reason for keeping the result secret is because that is what is specified in the RCCC Memorandum and Articles of Association and ByLaws - specifically Byelaw 4.7(d).

Bob Cowan said...

Thanks Peter.

Byelaw 4.7(d) says:
The Royal Club will arrange for the counting of ballot papers and announcement of the result (in accordance with Bye-Law 4.6(b)) will be made at the AGM each year.

Byelaw 4.6(b) says:
The result of the election, including the number of votes cast for each of the candidates, will be published on the Royal Club’s web-site.

I take both of these to mean that we will not know the result of the election until the AGM, and only then will the result go up on the RCCC website.

My opinion - this is just daft. The result of the election should be announced as soon as the votes have been counted.