May 29, 2007

Open invitation to all registered curlers to attend Royal Club AGM

The Royal Caledonian Curling Club has, for the first time, issued an open invitation to all curlers to attend the Annual General Meeting, to be held at Rothes Halls, Glenrothes, on June 16. Usually only the representatives of registered clubs attend the AGM. Scotland has some 600 clubs, and less than a third of these bother to send representatives to the Annual Meeting each year. This year the Board has invited all 14,500 registered curlers "to come along and hear how we have done over the past year."

This move reflects the Royal Club's intentions to interact more with club curlers. More communication has been the cry by many in recent years.

The whole issue of how Scotland's curlers should be represented on the sport's governing body is currently under discussion. At present each club has a vote, regardless of whether that club has ten members or a hundred. Is it time to move to 'one curler, one vote'? I wonder. It will be interesting to see how many individual curlers are interested enough in how the sport is governed to attend the AGM next month.

Two seminars are planned for the morning of AGM day. The first of these sees the launch of a Club Development Manual. At the second seminar details of new coaching qualifications and courses will be revealed.

Talking of voting, the elections for the two vacancies for Elected Directors on the Board have been ongoing for the past couple of months. Clubs have until May 31 (Thursday) to vote.

The three candidates are Irene Hird (Dollar Ladies), Lockhart Steele (Lesmahagow), William Nicoll (Bank of Scotland - Fife)

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