May 17, 2007

Glynhill Hotel to sponsor new women's international invitation at Braehead

The Glynhill Hotel in Renfrew has become the title sponsor of the new international women's event at Braehead, scheduled for January 17-20, 2008. Prize money for the event (£8,000) now meets the threshhold for the competition to be included in the World Curling Tour-Europe calendar of events. The event is also supported by the legacy funding from the financially successful World Women's Championship at Paisley's Lagoon Centre in 2005.

Competition organiser Judith McFarlane is hopeful that the top women's teams in the world will come to the Braehead rink. Invitations, signed by Olympic Gold Medallist Rhona Martin, have now been sent out. Scotland's teams at the event will be those supported by the Scottish Institute of Sport, yet to be officially announced for this season.

The Braehead rink has a great record in running successful events, including the World Seniors in 2000 and the World Wheelchair Championships in 2005. The eight sheet complex is an ideal venue for the Glynhill Ladies Invitation, and it is hoped that after the inaugural competition the event will become a fixture in the women's competitive calendar. Scotland currently has only one WCT event, the Perth Masters, which is men only.

The photo below is of Scotland's Karen Addison competing in the Braehead Open last season.


Jim said...

Congratulations and well done to Judith, Braehead and the Glynhill.

Gorth said...

Absolutely superb news and a credit to all the hard work thayou have put in Judith, Bruce and the rest of your team. I just hope ALL the local curlers make the effort to get in and support the event.