May 23, 2007

Future of the Scotcurl Coaches Association

The Scotcurl Coaches Association was set up to assist coaching at all levels and to facilitate communication with those involved on the ice and those at Cairnie House, the headquarters of the Royal Club. I think it is fair to say that four years ago, there was a feeling that the sport's governing body was not doing enough to support coaching. Much has changed since then.

There is now a National Coaching Officer, Lynne Robertson, and she has been working towards the setting up of a 'coaching committee' within the structure of the RCCC. There already are standing committees for Club and Member Development, Competitions and Events, Performance, Umpiring, and Marketing, Sponsorship and Communications.

The annual general meeting of the SCA was held on May 15. The RCCC proposal to form a standing committee with direct responsibility for coaching was discussed. The remit of this committee would be:

(1) Delivery and monitoring relevant parts of RCCC Annual operation plan
(2) Development of the Long Term Player Development Plan
(3) Recommending policies and programmes, that relate to coaching, to the board
(4) Assist in the organisation and delivery of RCCC Coach Education programme, providing a professional standard of development
(5) Set up sub groups to identify experience and knowledge required for projects
(6) Information gathering for identified projects
(7) Provide a focal point for clubs, teams and individuals to obtain information regarding coaching
(8) Provide information, support and advice to individual coaches
(9) Liaise with Performance Committee, Membership & Club Development Committee and Local Area Coaching Group Reps.

The Coaching Committee would comprise the following members: Convenor – Board Decision; National Coaching Officer – Lynne Robertson; Area Standing Committee member – Board Decision; Ladies Standing Committee member; X4 Coach rep (development level); X2 Coach rep (performance level); X1 Coach rep (disability); Lead Child Protection Officer.

The Coaching Committee would meet approximately six times per year.

The Royal Club proposal to form a standing committee with direct responsibility for coaching was accepted unanimously by members present at the AGM. The majority of SCA members were of the opinion that as the remit for this new committee and the aims and objectives of the SCA were similar, the association should be dissolved.

The final decision has to be made at a Special General Meeting, which has been called for June 16. There will be one item on the agenda, 'Should the Scotcurl Coaches Association be dissolved?'

If, as expected, members decide to wind up the SCA, a new future beckons for coaching in Scotland after June 16.

Photo is that of National Coaching Officer Lynne Robertson at Cairnie House.

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