May 27, 2007

Invitations go out for European Seniors Invitation at Greenacres

Curling Today has already flagged up the intention to host a European Seniors Invitation at the Greenacres rink in Renfrewshire early next season. Things have moved on apace. The dates have been confirmed - October 10-13, NOT the later dates as we posted.

Greenacres has successfully hosted the Scottish Senior Championships for a number of years, and in 2005 was the venue for the World Seniors Championships. Legacy funding from that event and the WWCC2005 is underwriting some of the costs of staging this European Seniors Invitation for the first time. Malcolm Richardson, the European Curling Federation President, is heading up the organisation.

The plans are for eighteen men's and eighteen women's teams to compete in two separate events. The entry fee per team will be £50.00 and for that you will be guaranteed at least five games, play being in three groups of six.

Accommodation has been arranged at a maximum cost of £35.00 for bed and breakfast for a room with two sharing. A banquet will be held on Saturday 13. Transport has been arranged from the airport to hotels, and from hotels to the rink.

Invitations will go to the twelve men's and women's teams who competed at the Scottish Senior finals this year with a guarantee of a place for the first eight applications. It is hoped that the remaining places will be taken up by European teams. An invitation has been sent to all European Federation member nations to send a team to the event. Malcolm Richardson says, "Seniors curling is on a threshhold and we hope this tournament could a stepping stone to further events."

Put another way, if these events at Greenacres prove to be a success, there will be good reason to push for the staging of European Seniors' Championships! For more information see the ECF website.
The photo is from the World Seniors at Greenacres in 2005. Ingrid Meldahl's Swedish women won the World title that year.

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