May 08, 2007

RCCC Ladies' Branch AGM

A well attended RCCC Ladies' Branch AGM in Larkhall's sports centre today saw Marion Craig stand down as President after a successful year in office. Patricia Thomson (above centre) is now Ladies' Branch President, and Sheila Miller (above right) is Vice-president. Kay Gibb (above left) was elected as Junior Vice-President.

Highlights of the meeting saw Olympian Rhona Martin report on her team's campaign at the European Championship where they had finished in fourth place. Confirming her retirement from competitive play (on her appointment as Apprentice Coach with the Scottish Institute of Sport) Rhona thanked all who had supported her in the past years, and received a standing ovation as she left the platform.

Kelly Wood gave a detailed account of her team's campaign at the Worlds in Aomori, her delight in gaining her first medal as skip (the team won bronze), and her determination to find success in internal competition in the years ahead. She paid an emotional tribute to her long-time rival Rhona Martin.

There was a triumphalist presentation from Sarah Reid's World Junior Champions and their coach Sheila Swan, complete with photos, video and music, as they endeavoured to put across to the audience all that goes into achieving a championship winning performance.

Royal Club CEO Colin Grahamslaw, and Board Chairman Mike Ferguson, both addressed the assembled members.

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