May 31, 2007

Who will be Scotland's representatives at the European Championships?

Four men's teams will contest the right to be Scotland's representative at the European Championship 2007 in Fussen, Germany, in early December. According to the rule book the top three teams in last year's Bruadar Scottish Championship should play a double round robin to find the winner. These were Warwick Smith (with Craig Wilson, David Smith and Ross Hepburn); Tom Brewster with Hammy McMillan, Ron Brewster and Colin Campbell; and Gordon Muirhead (with Duncan Fernie, who plays last stones, Graeme Prentice and Richard Woods). The rules allow a wild card entry, and it can be no surprise that those who make such decisions have included David Murdoch's side (Ewan MacDonald, Peter Smith and Euan Byers) in the lineup. The RCCC Rule Book says: The top three teams from the previous season’s Scottish Championships shall qualify to play in the European Playdowns excepting in a Winter Olympic Games season these play-offs may not take place. The National Coach, along with an R.C.C.C. Committee, may select a fourth team if they feel it would be beneficial to do so. The qualified teams must have at least three members from last season’s Scottish Championship team and have signed the Players International Participation Agreement to be eligible to play.

The women's event is a two horse race. Kelly Wood (with Jackie Lockhart, Lorna Vevers and Lindsay Wood), winners of the Scottish Championship and bronze medallists at WWCC07 in Aomori, will match up against Edith Loudon (with Mairi Milne, Judith Marshall and Katie Loudon) who were the beaten semifinalists in the Columba Cream Gold League finals. The two teams will play best of five to find the one to don Scottish jerseys in Fussen. What of the beaten finalists? With Rhona Martin and Debbie Knox now retired, Claire Milne and Lynn Cameron have teamed up with Jaqui Byers and Rachael Simms for the new season, but according to the rules (above) this team are not eligible to compete in the Euro playdown, having only two of last year's side.

The draw for the European Qualifying Competition at the Dewars Rinks, Perth, October 26-28, can be found here.

Photo of Edith Loudon is from last season's Gold League weekend at Aberdeen.

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