May 10, 2007

The Front Line

So, who are these people and why are they important in Scottish curling? In front is Gordie Kennedy, the Royal Club's Development Manager. The others are (L-R) Marion Murdoch (Coach at Lockerbie), Judith McFarlane (Area Curling Development Officer at Braehead), Lynne Fraser (ACDO Inverness), Logan Gray (new ACDO Stirling, to be confirmed), Claire Milne (ACDO Perth, Atholl and Dundee), David Horne (ACDO Greenacres and Waterfront), Jim Morrison (ACDO Hamilton and East Kilbride), Jim Buchanan (ACDO Borders) and Ena Stevenson (Kinross Curling School).

The group met at the Lanarkshire Rink yesterday to review and discuss all matters relating to curling development in Scotland, from the Curling's Cool programme, beginners and improvers, coach availability and education, come and try initiatives, junior clubs, after school clubs, beginners' leagues, disability initiatives, corporate curling, funding issues, skills awards, club development, masterclasses, and the long term player development pathway.

These are the enthusiasts who are in the front line in expanding our sport in Scotland. All their posts are funded in different ways, most involving multiple funding partners, including the Royal Club and sportscotland. Reflecting the diversity of the country's rinks, all the posts have different priorities and problems. Yesterday gave the oportunity to share the problems, and benefit from the experiences of others.

Scottish curling would be poorer if it was not for this group who certainly do not get enough recognition for their efforts.

The sad news on the day was that Gordie announced that his resignation has been submitted and he will leave his post in July.

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Jim said...

Have they been choosen for their looks rather that their ability to develop curling ?????!!!