February 03, 2008

Gold League at Kinross

There were four more rounds of the Columba Cream Gold League this weekend at the Kinross rink. The anticipated clash this evening between Gail Munro and Kelly Wood saw the former repeat her Glynhill win over the champion side, the Wood team's first loss in this season's Gold League. Munro finished 9-2 up after seven ends.

The results and standings can be found on the Royal Club website here. Here are some pics from Saturday.

Edith Loudon and Mairi Milne in discussion, but just what is Kelly Wood saying to Jackie Lockhart in the background?

Life can be tough sometimes, Mairi! With Katie Loudon on the left.

An excited Lorna Vevers.

Alison Kinghorn and Gillian Howard in conference.

Gail Munro has indicated her intention to stand down as players' representative.

Claire Milne (with Rachael Sims in the background).

Claire Hamilton (with Jennifer Priestley ready to sweep).

Photos by Bob.

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