February 09, 2008

Junior men 6th post: Black and Gray

Graeme Black with Steven Mitchell, Robert McBride and Thomas Sloan matched up against Lindsay Gray, Michael Goodfellow, Peter Macintyre and Ian Copland, in a decider to find who would meet Glen Muirhead's team in Sunday's semifinal. Both teams had completed the round robin on a 4-3 win-loss record.

Now, pay attention. Black, in salmon, were playing red. Gray, in white, were yellow.

It was a real nailbiter.

The score was 3-3 after six.

Lindsay is not convinced by Michael's opinions on the relationships between space and time. Oh, did I mention that when the teams had to play a hurry-up end with time getting short in the ninth, the timeclocks went awry?

Did I mention that Team Black played a great game and threw everything into it? Robert McBride illustrates his effective sweeping style.

L-R Thomas Sloan, Graeme Black, Steven Mitchell, Robert McBride who will be playing in the semifinal tomorrow. One up coming home, they left Gray with an angled difficult run back to take the game into overtime. He made the hit but jammed the Lockerbie shot. Game to Black.

But congratulations to both teams on great entertainment. Let's hope the semis and finals are as good!

Pics by Bob. Linescores are here.

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