February 11, 2008

Fifth players for World Juniors

Glen Muirhead's team will take David Reid to Sweden for the World Junior Championships in Ostersund as their fifth player. Gordon Muirhead is coach.

Eve Muirhead's side will take Kay Adams as their fifth player. Isobel Hannen is the team's coach.

The championships will be held March 1-9. The venue hosted the event previously. Photos from 1999 are here. Ten years ago David Murdoch's team finished fifth, and Kelly Wood's side also placed fifth in the junior women's event.


Anonymous said...

unbelievable choice of fifth men david reid openly saying he has no interest in juniors all season and the adams girl has no track record could it be justifying all the money that has been spent on them over the years

Arbuthnot Hugebotham said...

Bit harsh maybe, anon! DR is a former team mate of both Scott Andrews and Glen Muirhead when they all played for Scott Hamilton. In addition Gordon and David were team mates on the successful European Youth Olympics team a few years ago.
Kay did surprise me a tad, I have to say. She is Vicki's sister, was on the Futures Squad with Kerry and Eve last season, was 5th man to Vicky Sloan (and Kerry) three years ago and was also 5th man on the European Youth Olympics ladies team.
I thought Anna Sloan might have got the nod, I have to say.

Anonymous said...

point i am trying to get over is that DR has been openly saying he has no interest in juniors this season if he has not been committed to juniors should he be going as fith man? i think not

SM said...

cant really argue that he isnt a pretty good player though? national academy so he is committed to curling generally. good person for the job, ticks all the boxes needed to be a fifth.

Chief said...

No point in arguing about it as the decision is made!
Dave and Kay are both excellent curlers and have the knowledge to be great 5th players - dont forget the amount of work they'll have to do at the Champs!
Lets get behind the teams and show them some support!

Anonymous said...

Dave will have plenty of time on his hands now since Smithers blew their chances for the Mens!

Anonymous said...

Anon, I am getting a vague impression that you don't think much of DR, is that right? Lighten up, as was said, the decision has been made. Even though they didn't have the wisdom to consult you about it, doesn't mean they don't know what they are doing. Put it behind you and get back to what you have to do. IYRYTISH

Anonymous said...

ANON - Its pretty clear you know very little about curling. Glen's guys made a good choice in picking Dave. He's probably the best and most experienced guy around outside their team.

As for Smithers blowing their chances of making the making the mens...........get a grip!