February 17, 2008

Random musings at the Lanarkshire Ice Rink

It just seems to be inadequate to say to losing teams, "Hard lines on coming second." Such is sport. Someone has to lose. But losing doesn't get any easier as you get older! I can vouch that it's much more fun to be on the winning side. Still, my thoughts go out to all those who have played in the House of Bruar Scottish Senior Championships this week at Hamilton, and have come second.

So before the final games get underway, here are a few pics which attracted the camera over the last few days.

Most people have been told, at one time or another, what they should do with their curling brush, but Hamilton had a new variation on "101 things to do with a curling stone!"

Losing semifinalist skip David Clydesdale

Mary Barr's team lost in the semifinal.

You know, I think I might have been wrong. Black is a great colour! Here the team in black is playing against the team in black. Both skips are obviously really enjoying the game! (As is umpire Jack Muir, in the background) Let's have more BLACK on the ice. I think the Royal Club should insist that ALL teams in major competitions should wear all black uniforms. Should I start a petition?

Marion Murdoch, whose team lost in the semi, is a study in concentration!

Allan MacLennan preparing to roll his stone down the ice. "I'll just give it a little pat on the bottom, before I set it off."

It would be remiss of me if I didn't mention the number of Reform CC members on the ice at Hamilton this week. Reform is my mother club!

It will be small consolation to the Prentice team that they are still World Senior Men's Champs for a few weeks yet! (And here are more of Ali Taylor's daffs!)

"Go gramps go!!" I just love this of Toby, Ken Horton's grandson. (Ken's playing third for Graeme Adam in the final and is the only person that I know who wanted to be older than he was - so he could play in the Seniors!) Now, not a lot of people know this. I babysat Lindsey, Toby's mum, when we were at the Regina Silver Broom in 1983. Liz Horton - a grandmother, hard to believe. Still looks as she did twenty five years ago! And her daughter is her double!

Right, I'm off to buy an air horn.

Pics by Bob

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