February 22, 2008

Friday's Fotographs from the Fair City

Today's selection:

The clock was running down on Team Chalmers in the eighth round.

You can almost feel (or should that be hear) the mental energy. And here's Graham Sloan back on the ice - courtesy of lots of strapping.

After the Scottish Liqueur Centre tasting last night, the Dewar's Centre provided a healthy alternative this morning!

Chief Umpire Leslie Ingram-Brown counts down a timeout. Or, "Please sir, may I leave the room?" Or, "Leslie Ingram-Brown's best side." Or, "Hands up. It was me."

Sorry, I missed the father and son match up yesterday, but here's a pic of John Hamilton, with some classic headgear.

Cool gear!

Hammy McMillan. Caption required!

Graeme Connal calls line on the run back that his skip David Murdoch had to play to beat Warwick Smith in the extra end this morning.

Warwick pretending he has been run over by a bus.

"Penny for your thoughts." Good to see Chuck Hay in watching some of this morning's play.

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