February 22, 2008

Then there were five!

It's all getting sorted out at the Bruadar Scottish Men's Curling Championship! David Murdoch will play Warwick Smith in the Page 1-2 tomorrow. Tom Brewster, ranked in third place, waits for the winner of a tiebreak (between Gordon Muirhead and Wallace oops David Edwards, tonight at 9pm - and yes I'll be here, must be mad) for the Page 3-4.

You'll find all the facts, figures, linescores, standings and links to all the stats on the RCCC website here. BTW the 200 year old team of Colin Hamilton, Mike Dick, David Ramsay and Trevor Dodds finished their campaign this week by taking Warwick Smith's team to an extra end!

Right here are the top five (in no special order):

David Murdoch

Warwick Smith

Tom Brewster

Duncan Fernie who plays last stones for Team Muirhead

David Edwards

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