February 21, 2008

A tale of two sisters

I must admit that I thought that Claire Milne and her team (Lynn Cameron, Jaqui Byers and Rachael Simms) would be in the mix at the playoffs of the Columba Cream Gold League at Perth. But it hasn't happened. Any chance that the Milne team could get into a tiebreaker evaporated when Cathrine Guthrie's last stone (for the Stewart team) came up inches short as she tried to steal against Edith Loudon in an extra end of the last of the round robin games this evening.

The linescores and final standings are here.

The top three are Kelly Wood, Gail Munro, and Edith Loudon. Wood plays Munro Saturday afternoon for a pass to the final. The loser plays Loudon on Saturday evening, and the winner of that game also goes into the final, with a trip to the Worlds in Vernon at stake.

Sisters? Claire's sister Mairi has moved up to play last stones for the Loudon four and has been on target all week. Just look at her stats this week (download the pdf file Stats Report from the Royal Club site, and the cumulated individual and team stats are there).

Mairi Milne

Claire Milne

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