February 15, 2008

Scottish Seniors 2

I'm busy today working on the March Scottish Curler magazine so I'm not at Hamilton watching the House of Bruar Scottish Senior Curling Championships. But all the results are here.

Here are some photos from yesterday to give you a flavour of the Lanarkshire Rink. Hopefully I'll have more at the weekend.

The mirrors are a feature of the Hamilton rink.

Alan Stanfield, chief umpire at the Scottish Juniors last week, gets to play the game himself.

Ladies Branch Past-President Marion Craig demonstrates HER umpiring skills. But who is that in the red trousers behind her?

No trousers for Maggie Rutherford, and well done to her! Bring back the mini kilts is my thought for today!

Gary Macfarlane in reflective pose.

Men in Black Tom Pendreigh and Robin Copland, or are they the aliens? Actually, they tell me the tops are NOT black (they're just a dull depressing dirty charcoal colour). Bob Kelly, Gordon Muirhead, Tom and Copey were upset in their first game by Gordon Butler's side.

So who was at Hamilton to see some of the play? That's Bill Horton on the left. Bill was my first skip when I was at school and is responsible for the love I have for the game. Robin Campbell was skip of the first winners of the TB Murray trophy (now the Scottish Junior Men's Championship trophy, seen here) when it was reintroduced for competition amongst young people under 25, in 1959. Moira Craig (who became Robin's wife) was in the team then and she remains the only female name on the trophy. Lack of modesty allows me to say that Bill with his brother David, Martin Bryden and myself won the Murray trophy three times with that team! How quickly the years have passed by! Oh, forgot to mention that David Horton and I have our names on the trophy FIVE times - the punishment of course is that it was extremely hard to polish!

Annette MacDonald. Caption required.

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judith said...

Well I think thats Dave Kelly in the red trousers and I also think Judy McKenzie is saying 'I'm sure she asked for an inturn, I'm sure I threw and inturn, turned out perfect, but someone is shouting wrong handle......what is that about'.......