February 08, 2008

Junior men 4th post: Things become clearer

Greg Drummond's team are top of the standings at Perth with one game still to play (got it right this time!). They beat John Penny 7-3 in the sixth round.

Lindsay Gray's side kept themselves right in contention with a win over Ally Fraser. It was tight though. One up with the hammer coming home, Gray had to use his last stone to hit and stay for the win.

The full standings and results are here. In summary Drummond is on 5 wins, Muirhead 4, Black Gray and Penny 3, Fraser, Dick and Russell 2.

Tommorrow it's Gray v Penny; Drummond v Fraser; Russell v Black; Muirhead v Dick. Three teams will be involved in the playoffs. So there could be tiebreakers. You work it out!

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