February 24, 2008

Finals Day 1

Kelly Wood, Jackie Lockhart, Lorna Vevers and Lindsay Wood, Scottish Champions and European Silver Medallists, faced their rivals Gail Munro, Lyndsay Wilson, Karen Addison and Annie Laird, who had got the better of them in the Page 1-2 game. But after defeating Edith Loudon's side in the repechage, Wood's side was back with a second chance to take the Columba Cream Scottish Championship title.

The linescore is here. The stats, courtesy of CurlingZone and Rhona Martin (statistician for today) are here.

It was a close game, 2-2 at the fifth end break, the Munro team ahead on shooting percentage with Gail outscoring Kelly.

In the ninth, Wood had the chance to put Munro under pressure with an draw behind cover to lie two. Despite her sweepers' best efforts it finished short of the rings. "Thank you," said Gail, blanked the end and headed home with the hammer, just one behind. The Munro team pulled out the stops in the 10th, and when Kelly could not make the across-the-house double, or even stay in shot position with her final takeout, Gail had a straightforward draw to the eight foot for the win. She was perfectly played! Vernon here we come!

Deserved? You have to say so. This is the fourth win in a row for the Munro team in recent matches. The stats tell the tale: Munro outshot Wood by twelve percentage points, and Lyndsay Wilson at 89% had an outstanding game.

Now for the men's final!

Kelly Wood with sweepers Lindsay Wood and Lorna Vevers.

Gail Munro mid delivery with Karen Addison and Annie Laird.

Supply a caption!

Photo top: An advertising hoarding for the event in the ASDA car park in Perth! Above: Jennifer Martin with Grant Hardie and Kyle Smith helping the TV crew get their angles correct! BBC will show an hour's programme on Tuesday, 11.20pm (that will be the women's final I think) and then again at the same time on Wednesday (the men?).

Pics by Bob.

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