February 05, 2008

Edinburgh International to become a WCT-e event

I've just received the confirmation that the Edinburgh International at Murrayfield has been accepted as a new World Curling Tour-Europe event. The official announcement is awaited, so consider this a Curling Today newsflash!

It is great news indeed! It will be super to see the Edinburgh event regain the status and class that it once had. And certainly Scotland needs another top men's event, in addition to the Ramada Perth Masters, where we have the chance to see the top teams from Europe, and North America, in action.

It will be a big job for the organisers though. Sponsorship will have to be obtained, and prize money secured. Still, the Glynhill Ladies International showed what all could be accomplished from scratch, given enthusiasm, a good organsing committee and the support of volunteers. And the key issue - the Murrayfield rink has shown recently that it can provide ice that is as good, if not better, than any in Scotland, despite being the busiest rink in the country! Yes, next season already has lots to look forward too.

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