February 16, 2008

Controversy at the Seniors

A case of 'Oops!' Ladies Branch President Patricia Thomson has been told to withdraw her rink from the House of Bruar Scottish Senior Championships after it transpired she has been playing with an ineligible team member this week at Hamilton. Patricia was called in to skip Norma Gourlay's team when the skip was unable to play because of illness. But a player in the team had already competed for Ireland this season, at the European Championships in Fussen. Not allowed!

This has meant that we already know two of the qualifiers for tonight's quarterfinals in the women's event: Marion Murdoch and Jeanette Johnston.

All the results are here.

Jeanette and Marion and battling against each other this morning, but both teams are through to the quarterfinals tonight.

Ali Fraser (Make that Ali TAYLOR, sorry Ali) had an early start this morning, jumping over the fence in the local park to get some daffodils to brighten up the rink! Here she is making sure that they have enough to drink. It's the little touches that all go to make an event a success.

So who is wearing the red trousers? Only one correct answer so far. Clue? His/her little brother is also competing in the event!

Pics by Bob. More later.


judith said...

Think I'm still in pole position with a 'Dave Kelly' bet, send my prize home with him.....no one else has those vintage curling trousers..

Bob Cowan said...

Well done Judith. Spot on. Your prize is a signed copy of the photo above!


judith said...

Well what luck.....made my day...thanks Bob....

Mr Taylor said...

Oops Mr Ed (no not the talking horse) think Ali Taylor might not like the sudden name change to Ali Fraser unless of course you know something that I don't.

Bob Cowan said...

Apologies to Ali (and Mr Taylor). Mr Ed is a diddy!