February 11, 2008

Lockerbie rink to receive funding from sportscotland for improvements

Curlers and skaters who use the South of Scotland ice rink at Lockerbie have been hoping that their fund raising efforts to upgrade the facility would be seen sympathetically by sportscotland, the sport funding body. The good news of the success of their grant application was made public this morning. The full release is here.

The five sheet Lockerbie rink will receive £214,151. The upgrade will include improved insulation, the installation of an upgraded refrigeration plant (the plant is the original from when the rink was built forty years ago), installation of energy efficient lighting, a lift for wheelchair users and the upgrading of changing facilities.

There are currently fifty-three curling clubs using the rink which has produced a number of Scottish, European and World champions. It is the home rink of the current European gold medallists David Murdoch and Euan Byers. A significant percentage of the juniors playing in the Scottish Finals this past weekend were from the Lockerbie area.

Alistair Stevenson, Chairman of the Lockerbie Ice Rink, said, “All those involved at Lockerbie Ice Rink are absolutely delighted with the news that sportscotland has chosen to support the rink. The ice rink has been an asset to the community for over forty years and this announcement will ensure that it will continue to be enjoyed for many years to come.”

With many curling rinks throughout Scotland needing investment to improve their facilities, today's announcement will be seen as an important development by the Royal Caledonian Curling Club and curlers throughout the country.

Captain Jack Anderson, Vice-president of the Royal Club, throws the opening stone at the rink on January 20, 1967. From the Scottish Curler archive. Other pics by Bob.

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