February 10, 2008

Junior men's semifinal

Glen Muirhead with Scott Macleod, Scott Andrews and Gordon McDougall matched up against Graeme Black with Steven Mitchell, Robert McBride and Thomas Sloan who had come through a tiebreaker against Lindsay Gray to qualify for this morning's playoffs.

The game was a tight affair. Graeme drew against five in the third, and played a raise double for a threee in the sixth to take the initiative. Glen came right back with a similar count in the seventh and was one up coming home with the hammer. His team were able to keep the front clear in the tenth, although when Graeme was short with his last stone freeze attempt, Glen was in the final against Greg Drummond with no need to play his last.

The linescore and all the previous results are here.

Glen Muirhead and Graeme Black. Pic by Bob.

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