February 21, 2008

Thursday's thoughts from Perth

Tom Brewster. Many are wondering (again), "Could it be their year?" (Capital One? Sponsors of the Grand Slam of Curling in Canada)

Team Milne. I'm missing them already. Rachael Simms delivers, Lynn Cameron and Jacqui Byers ready to sweep.

Now who is this trainee statistician?

The umpires' and timekeepers needs for a cuppa are well looked after.

I discovered a wee secret - where the milk is kept!

Want something stronger than milk? Jill and Kenny MacKay of the Scottish Liqueur Centre (the event sponsors) held a tasting tonight.

You can supply your own caption. Or, sing along to, "Hands up, baby, hands up, Gimme your heart, gimme, gimme.. (Ottawan? Ken Bruce would be proud of me)

You thought she had retired! Olympian Debbie Knox substitutes for the team she coaches (here).

Colin Dick, winning skip of the U-17 Slam, got the call when Graham Sloan (lead for David Edwards) got injured. A great experience for a young curler with a big future ahead of him!

Pics by Bob. Nearly forgot to say, if you are interested in the results, you can find them here.


Anonymous said...

Is it Robin Copland keeps the stats hot on that computer?

Hibby said...

Who else could it be with that hair/glasses/pullover combination?

Looking good, as always, Copey!