February 26, 2008

Curling in Atholl

Hello from the Atholl Curling Rink in Pitlochry! Competition for the Henderson Bishop trophy is well underway this week, and a few pics are posted below. The scores and standings can be found here.

The semifinals and finals of the high and low roads are on Thursday. Sadly, Curling Today will not be there. Sorry! Find out why tomorrow.

Photo above: From '101 things to do with a curling stone', we liked this floral arrangement in a hollow stone.

The Atholl rink is inside the shell of the old Pitlochry Festival theatre. This is the view from the cheap seats in the Upper Circle! That looks like Carolyn Hibberd delivering her stone for the Greenacres team. On second thoughts, it's not. Maggie Rutherford is a right-hander.

A wide range of ages are playing in this Ladies' Branch event. Here juniors Abi Brown and Rebecca Kesley look after Susan Kesley's stone, with Tina Weir in the house. Brenda Macintyre and Lynne Fraser (Inverness) look on.

Ena Smith will have played in one or two of these events over the years! Here she is sweeping Isobel Waddell's stone, with Margaret Robertson, for Marion MacDonald's Lanarkshire 2 team.

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Anonymous said...

"Surely this is not right, " I asked Harrison. The TDSD was not meant to decide such matters, carried out as it is right at the beginning of the event. But he would not be drawn on this, repeating only that the WCF member nation representatives had unanimously approved the new rules. Apparently only Sweden has written to the WCF office to ask that this rule be considered again. The RCCC has not. I believe they should, but as Harrison says, "That's your opinion." Anyhow, Harrison says that the WCF has no plans to reconsider the regulation.

Spot-on Bob. Next thing you know the DSC will be an Olympic Medal Sport!!!

This year at the US Nationals, 4 teams tied for 2nd at 6-3. Head-to-head, 2 teams were at 2-1 & 2 teams at 1-2. Instead of taking the winner of the match between the twom teams at 2-1, they idoits within the USCA /AAC, had interpreted the rules to mean that as there ws not a "clear-cut winner" the DSC was used. The 2-1 team that won the 2-1 -vs- 2-1 heads-up match was placed 4th and had to play the tiebreaker instead!