February 05, 2008

Sursee update

Have you been following the results from the World Wheelchair Curling Championship in Sursee? It's not made easy reading for the Scottish fan, nor, I suspect, has it been a happy time for the squad there in Switzerland. Scotland have won just two games from seven, and are propping up the bottom of the table with Japan and Russia. Read about the event here and here.

Michael McCreadie's side must win their next games tomorrow against Norway and Canada if we are to avoid relegation and have to prequalify for the World Championships next year. Looking to the future, Scotland gained eight Olympic qualifying points by reason of McCreadie's bronze place last year. Will these be enough to ensure Scotland's - and Britain's - place in the Vancouver Paralympics? I don't know.

But let's wish the team and their support staff the best of luck in their remaining games in Sursee.

The word is that the standard of play is better than in previous years. That's shown in the stats produced by Curlit for the competition. Average team stats for the first seven games show Scotland in fifth place, but of course it's the game results that count, not the stats.

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