February 13, 2008

Scottish Seniors Championships

The first draws of this year's Seniors Championships are tomorrow (Thursday) at 08.45. The event goes ahead at a new venue (the Lanarkshire Ice Rink, Hamilton) and with a new sponsor (the House of Bruar).

There will also be a new women's champion. Carolyn Morris skipped her team to victory three years in a row, and has now returned to Canada. In the men's competition Keith Prentice and his team have qualified in their attempt to defend the title they won last year at Greenacres, and then went on to take the world title in Edmonton. This year's world championships are in Vierumaki, Finland.

The full draw for the Scottish event is here, and the results will be here. There has already been men's qualifiers, and so twelve men's teams are left to play in two sections with the top two in each to qualify for the semifinals. There are eighteen women's teams in three sections. The top two from each qualify, with the two highest up third placed teams, for quarterfinals.

Keith Prentice at last year's finals at Greenacres. Pic by Bob.


Anonymous said...

well done bob nae wonder keith won the worlds in winnipeg the rest were playing in edmonton, just a few miles away but at least you got the right country!

Bob Cowan said...

Ach, and I used to be good at geography! Well, spotted. Now changed!

I'll need to get a proofreader for the blog.