February 10, 2008

Junior women's semifinal

Anna Sloan with Lauren Gray, Rhiann Macleod and Caitlin Barr faced Claire Hamilton, Claire MacDonald, Linsey Spence and Jennifer Priestley. Claire's team grabbed the advantage in the seventh for a 3-2 lead, but Anna hit right back with a three in the eighth and was one up coming home with the hammer. Claire played a super draw to the four foot behind cover with her first, and Anna was left with an angled raise takeout for the win, and she made this perfectly.

It will be a Sloan - Muirhead final this afternoon.

The linescore and all the previous results are here.

Anna Sloan

Lauren Gray delivers with Caitlin Barr and Rhiann Macleod her sweepers.

Claire Hamilton

Pics by Bob.

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