January 31, 2008

Stats at Scottish Curling Championship

Now, this is interesting. For the first time in a number of years there are plans to have statisticians working at the Bruadar Scottish Championship and the Columba Cream Gold League, the women's finals!

It would seem that the contract for providing the stats service has gone to CurlingZone. Dallas Bittle is the person behind the name, and many will know of him as the main author of the Black Book of Curling (above), which has everything you ever wanted to know about curling stats, and more beside!
The Royal Club is looking for volunteers to be the statisticians at the event. If you would like to be involved - and it would seem that some expenses will be available - you should check out Nancy Murdoch's post on the RCCC website here.
Nancy says, 'The initiative was driven by Colin Grahamslaw (the RCCC CEO) in partnership with British Curling to add value to the Scottish Finals for teams, players, coaches and spectators alike. It is also anticipated to be a fantastic development and promotion opportunity for all volunteers and coaches who wish to assist. Also the other benefit looking ahead towards the future for the Aberdeen Europeans in 2009 is the legacy of training up volunteers to assist at this event.'
I must admit that I think this is an exciting development, coming as it does when the time for Olympic squad selection is drawing closer, so I expect to be posting more about all this as the Scottish Championships get closer.
This weekend of course the men have the second leg of the qualifiers at Perth and the women have another round of the Gold League at Kinross. Sunday night there is Wood v Munro, a repeat of the Glynhill final game. That might be fun to see! All the results will be on the RCCC website.

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