January 19, 2008

Mother and child reunion

It's all happening at the Glynhill Ladies Curling International at Braehead! World champion Kelly Scott from Canada discovered she has a second mother. Her mum (back in Canada) is Judy Mackenzie. Judy Mackenzie, well kent Scottish curler, is media liaison for the Glynhill event. We caught them at last night's dinner at the Glynhill. I think from the genetic similarities evident in the pic (above) we know who Kelly's real mum is!

BTW, did you hear Kelly and Kelly (Wood) on John Beattie's Sport's Weekly on BBC Radio Scotland this morning. They were great ambassadors for the sport.

Spectators aplenty. That's the Sheriff (aka David B Smith) dressed for the occasion, with Brian Martin of Ailsa Craig Jewellery who has a stand at the event.

Now, what are these umpires scheming up? Captions wanted for this pic of Ian Addison and Leslie Ingram-Brown.

Russian warm up. Yes, but just to show you that at least the Russian's have signed up to the Editor's plea for MORE COLOUR on the ice!

Now, what did the Editor say to make Russian coach Olga smile?

Knitting while the heads roll. It used to be common to see spectators knitting while watching the curling. Knitting is making a comeback in Sweden. Here Pia Hasselborg (mother to Anna the Swedish ladies skip) makes a start on leg warmers for the Editor.

Roland Jentsch, coach to Daniela Jentsch and her German team, threatened them that if they missed any open takeouts they would have to eat haggis for breakfast. Did they win their game this morning? Check the results here.

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