January 18, 2008

Glynhill Ladies International

Yes, they're here! Straight off the plane and on to the ice for a practice. The three Russian teams made it to the Glynhill Ladies International! Too late for one of the games which had to be cancelled, but others have been rearranged. Whilst the rest of the teams are enjoying the event dinner at the Glynhill Hotel this evening, some will be playing in a late session at Braehead. Find the results here.

Worth waiting for! Russia's Margarita Fomina.

Japan's third player Mari Motohashi wonders what went wrong! But her team had a last stone extra end victory over the Netherlands.

A big WCT-e event such as this doesn't happen without a lot of volunteer help. Ian Mackin (that's him in the centre) is the event's webmaster, and bringing you all the results. The website home page is here. Umpire Ian Addison is at the rear of the pic and that's Anne Gordon helping out with the results!

Kelly Wood and Norway's Marianne Roervik. This game was a win for the Scots.

Denmark's Lene Nielsen delivers.

Last but not least. World Champ Kelly Scott from Canada has 'arrivaed' too.

Pics by Bob. More tomorrow!

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