January 26, 2008

Henderson wins YARA

Billy Henderson, Roy Henderson, Robin Anderson and Will Davidson-Gall won the Yara Farmers Championship at the Dewar's Rinks in Perth yesterday. In the final of the 25th anniversary event, Henderson's team beat Robert Clark, Jim Strang, Neil Sands and Johnny Johnstone at the last stone of the final.

Linda Young (skip), Margaret Scott, Hazel Swankie and Carol Dawson won the Ladies' prize.

Good news last night, amidst the anniversary celebrations, is that the sponsors are looking forward to the 26th championship next season!

Photo at top: Billy Henderson.

Above: Tove Andersen, Managing Director YARA UK, presents the trophy and prizes to L-R Will Davidson-Gall, Roy Henderson, Billy Henderson and Robin Anderson.

L-R: Linda Young, Margaret Scott, Hazel Swankie and Carol Dawson.

Pics by Bob.

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