January 24, 2008

News of the future of the Glynhill Ladies International

I must admit that I enjoyed the Glynhill Ladies International at the Braehead curling rink last weekend. A note from the organisers today confirms that feedback from competing teams has been positive, and that plans are already underway for next year. A move to twenty-four teams, up from this season's twenty, is planned. Judith McFarlane, co-chairman, says she hopes the competition will continue to grow and be a valued addition to the WCT-e calendar.

The Glynhill competition was the last WCT-e event of the season. Top of the money list is Mirjam Ott of Switzerland. Ludmila Privivkova is in second place with her fifth place finish at Braehead.

Meantime, if you would like to look back at the event, you can watch some of the final here. This was filmed by Stable Recordings of Beith. This was the company that put together the promotional DVD Curling from a Wheelchair for the WCF. It is also available to watch on You Tube here.

Below are a few Scottish Curler memories of the Glynhill competition. There are more photos and a report in February's magazine which has already gone to print. Subscription form is here.

It was good to have Kelly Scott and her World Champions take part in the event. Photo by Bob.

Good to see some Russian smiles, caught by Richard Gray.

So what do you do if you don't make the playoffs. You go see a little of Glasgow and do some shopping, all made possible by one of the event sponsors, Arriva, who really helped out with event transport. Pic by Bob.

I really should not single out any of the organising committee and the volunteers, but these two I think had the hardest job, yet one that is absolutely essential to get right in any major event. Andrew Cousar and Ranald Findlay's remit was TRANSPORT. Pic by Bob.

It was a hard weekend for all the staff at Braehead, on and off the ice! The bar and catering coped admirably, although if we have 24 teams next year chef will need a bigger kitchen! Photo by Bob.

Stable Recordings at work ...... recording. Photo by Bob.

Gail Munro and Kelly Wood in the final. Photo by Richard Gray.

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