January 19, 2008

Out and about at the Glynhill International curling at Braehead

Why is world champ Kelly Scott looking so glum at the Glynhill Ladies Curling International at Braehead? The clue may be found in the scoreboard below. This photo is by Richard Gray, all the others are by Bob.

Oops, that wasn't on the agenda. Find all the other scores here.

Here's who did the damage. Gillian Howard is shown delivering. Sweepers are Jill Donald and Rosemary Arkley, and Alison Kinghorn is in the head. That's a result for the team CV.

In Scotland, when crossing the road you should look right.

Then look left! Yulia Svetova's young Russian team shows how it is done. Love the colour!!

Sarah Macintyre, here with Vicki Adams and Kerry Barr, are in Eve Muirhead's team.

That's Yulia Svetova on the left in this Russia v Germany encounter.

Pretty in pink. Jennifer Priestley and Barbara McFarlane work hard on Sarah Reid's last stone to pick out that front red for a big three.

Team Denmark.

Madeleine Dupont is asking nicely for some sweeping.

Edith Loudon and her team are enjoying the weekend. Here Edith is doing a quick promotion for Duck tape. (Other manufacturers of tape are available.)

Women in Black: the Braehead event. Mairi Milne uses her magic brush to attract the aliens on Saturday.

Playoffs tomorrow. Should be good.

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