January 13, 2008

Weekend roundup

(1) Well done to Kelly Wood, Jackie Lockhart, Lorna Vevers and Lindsay Wood who reached the final of the Berne Ladies WCT-e event at the weekend. The girls played nine games in total, losing an A road game to Switzerland's Mirjam Ott, but coming through B to get to the quarterfinals. There they beat Canada's Shannon Kleibrink and then Germany's Andrea Schopp in the semi to reach the final. They fell to Kelly Scott's World Champs in the last game.

Sarah Reid and her team played seven, won three and lost four, one of which was to Claire Milne's side who also played seven games winning four and losing three. All the results from Berne can be found here.

(2) David Murdoch, Logan Gray and John Hamilton are all undefeated in Section A after four games of the Bruadar Scottish Championship qualifiers at Perth. Scott Hamilton beat Warwick Smith to be undefeated in Section B, but has played one game less than David Edwards and Warwick who are both on 3-1 records. In Section C Gordon Muirhead and Alan Smith are undefeated after three rounds. And in Section D Tom Brewster is the lone undefeated side after four games. All the scores are here. The next rounds are in two weeks time.

(3) In the House of Bruar Scottish Senior Men's Championship, Iain Baxter, Gordon Butler, Graeme Adam, Bob Smellie, Jim Beckett and Gary Macfarlane are the six qualifiers from Greenacres. Further qualifiers will come from Aberdeen next weekend. All the results are here.

(4) The last qualifiers for the National Masters (over 60s) have now been determined. The details are here. Jim Stevenson, John Young, Ian Dykes, and Sandy Reid join those teams qualified in November (Bobby Rae, Jackson Robb, William Jack, Sandy Wilson, Jimmy Johnson, Gifford Rickard, Jim Beckett and Richie Knox) for the National Finals March 5-9.

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