January 22, 2008

Presentation to Eve Muirhead

The photo shows Eve Muirhead being presented with a new chanter by Bill Wilks, representing Atholl Province curlers, at the Atholl Curling Rink, Pitlochry. This was in recognition of her success at the World Junior Curling Championships in Eveleth last season.

Now 16 years old, Eve's curling career started in the Atholl rink seven years ago and she uses the facility for regular practice with her brothers Glen and Thomas.

Eve is a piper with the Pitlochry and Blair Atholl pipe band and the chanter was specially hand crafted for her by David Naill and Co of Somerset who are regarded as the finest bagpipe makers in the world. The chanter was designed by Eve and has an engraved silver inscription. Most recently multi talented Eve piped the finalists of the Ramada Perth Masters on to the ice at the Dewars Centre! Here she is.

Presentation photo courtesy of Alister Walker.

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