January 15, 2008

Come and Try revealed

Come and Try days are all the rage at the moment, as the Royal Club and curling rinks up and down the country attempt to increase the numbers participating in our sport here in Scotland.

On January 12, the Border Ice Rink, Kelso, introduced some sixty newcomers to the sport. The event attracted the interest of the local media, including Kevin Janiak of the Southern Reporter, whose video feature is available online for all to see here.

Jim Buchanan is the area development officer at Kelso, and was the main organiser of the Come and Try day. He was delighted at the response on the night. You can hear him being interviewed in the piece, which also has the views of some who took part.

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Anonymous said...

Seems like Kelso was busy and if every other ice rink gets as many adult new starts then future of curling is good