January 31, 2008

A curling weekend in Aviemore in 1978

Forgive a little nostalgia. I was reminded yesterday by an old curling friend, Brian Alderman, that it was thirty years ago to the day that we set out to compete in a competition at the old rink in Aviemore. The event was sponsored by the Rowanlea Hotel in Carrbridge, and that was where we all stayed. If I recall correctly we played a game on the Friday, then a couple more on the Saturday.

It started to snow on the Saturday night, and the pics I've posted here show what it was like when it eventually stopped on Monday morning. Needless to say, the competition was never completed.

The snow paralysed transport throughout the Highlands for several days. There are a couple of pics of what Newtonmore, a little down the road, was like here. I got home the following Friday! It certainly was a curling 'weekend' to remember.

The top pic is a bulldozer on the main street through Carrbridge. It was from the new A9 road construction that was ongoing at the time. The second pic is of Brian attempting to dig out his car. I cannot remember whose camera it was! Apologies for the lack of a proper photo credit.

Interested in the Aviemore of old? Lots of pics and memories are here. And Carrbridge has its own website here.

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